If You’re Worthy Enough To Really Know A Capricorn, Here Are Some Things You Will Totally Understand


They are too sweet to not fall in love with, they will walk away the moment you will begin to argue on anything, they will be open to a very few people and that too, only when they’re really really close with them. You will know once you are in close proximity to a Capricorn because they’re just so Capricorn!

Here are some amazing things about your Capricorn friends that you will definitely get:

1. They will hide their sorrow under the veil of anger. So beware of not hurting them just because they don’t really ‘seem’ sad.

angry outside sad insideSource

2. To be specific, internally they’re so sad they may even rub off their sadness on you, that is, if not cured.

Rub off sadness on youSource

3. They’re way too considerate and giving, which is a superb quality for their friends and family, but kind of bad for them. Aww, sweet!

Giving too muchSource

4. They can sometimes be really conservative, so if you have a conservative parent, check their zodiac and they might be a Capricorn.

Conservative CapricornSource

5. This conservatism also shows clearly in bed! :D The Capricorns will be happy with consistency in love-making.

Conservative in BedSource

6. They can be the best companion for any party, because you can get totally drunk and they’ll drive. What else would you want as a quality for late night parties!

best companion for any partySource

7. Talking of drinking, they’re really classy drinkers who know their limit. You will never see them crying, puking, or drunk dancing, and never receive even slightly drunk text from them.

Capricorn DrinkingSource

8. Capricorn lovers always make their partner feel super special. You will never feel the need of warmth when you’re with them, it all comes naturally to them.

make their partner feel super specialSource

9. They’re very nurturing lovers, and once you have got that one person, you will never have to look for anyone to fulfil your wishes.

nurturing loversSource

10. So whenever you’re feeling sad or lonely, you just need to turn to your Capricorn friend or family and they’ll always be there.

They've got your backSource

11. One of the few negative traits is that they build an unbreakable wall around them which doesn’t let you even try to get closer to them. You don’t even know what to feel for them because you’d never get there.

Capricorn wallSource

12. So if you’re someone they actually love, you’re a winner as only a few, and I mean it, just ‘a few’ come into that inner circle of theirs.

into that inner circleSource

13. They’re so lovable they themselves are sure you’re going to fall in love with them, so your telling that you love them is basically no ‘news’ to them.

they know you love themSource

14. They’re really good with arguments, as in they never really confront one, they’d just leave.

Walking away from an argument like a boss.

walk away from argumentsSource

In short, your Capricorn friend or family member is one of the sweetest but hard to reach. So share this with them. Happy Birthday Capricorns!

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