Bajaj Takes The Recycling Route-Makes Bikes Out Of INS Vikrant Battleship And Markets It Like A King


On the occasion of our 67th Republic Day celebration, Bajaj launched a teaser of something very touching and very Indian. Bajaj is coming up with a new limited addition of commuter the “V” range. Now, you might be wondering whether what is so special about this V range that makes it intriguing. Well, these new motorcycles from Bajaj are made from the dismantled steel of our Indian battleship INS Vikrant.

INS VikrantSource

INS Vikrant has played a huge role during the Indo-Pak war of 1971, and was recently sent to the scrapyard in 2014.

INS VikrantSource

But guess what? Bajaj got hold of this dismantled ship and turned it into something amazing, something that you will be proud to own.

INS VikrantSource

“Made with the invincible metal of INS Vikrant”, is engraved on the tank of Bajaj V

INS VikrantSource

What is commendable other than the initiative of Bajaj to do something so heartfelt is the time of its teaser launch, which happened on the Republic Day. And the launch of its final look is set to happen on the 1st of February’ 16. Great marketing strategy we must say!

INS VikrantSource


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