We Went To ‘Andamental’ And It Was An ‘Andamentally’ Yummy Experience!


With so many new restaurants coming up all the time, Mumbai is full of nice places to eat and tasty food to hog on. But if you need some place that specially serves egg recipes, is a nice place to sit with friends, and gives you everything an egg lover would ask for, there’s only one place and it’s called ‘Andamental’. Situated in a cute little corner very close to the Azad Nagar metro station, this little anda joint is certainly going to make you want to go there again and again.

We visited Andamental this Wednesday to cure our midweek blues and totally loved the place. Here’s what we think of the place:

The Ambience

Though it is a small setup, the place is a cosy little corner with limited seating capacity where one can enjoy yummy meals with special attention from the staff. The best thing about the place is their open kitchen concept, so you can watch them cook those delicious meals.

Andamental Ambience

Open Kitchen

We Went To Andamental And It Was An Andamentally Yummy Experience! Header

The Starters

We tried the Mumbai Vadapav Omelette, an omelette with Bombay’s favourite dish that we loved.

Andamental Mumbai Vadapav Omelette

Andamental Mumbai Vadapav Omelette 2

Next came the Australian Omelette which was an amazing pizza-like omelette which would make you fall in love with omelettes once again.

Australian Omelette

Australian Omelette 2

For veg starters, we had Aachari Aloo Roll, which was truly out of the world with the crispy potato and achaari taste.

Aachari Aloo Roll

The Food

Because we were at Andamental, we had to taste their speciality Andamental Ghotala, and it was one of the best we had with its 4 gravies, loads of cheese, and 2 fried eggs.

Andamental Ghotala

We also tried the veg Mental Taka Tak Curry, which was amazing with the mixed veg.

Mental Taka Tak Curry

The overall platter of curries, pav, and tandoori roti was a great experience, especially if you like proper roti and curry.

Andamental Currie platter

Of course, we didn’t stop here, next was the Andamental Biryani, totally superb!

Andamental Biryani 2

Andamental Biryani

The Sides

We tried their Aachari Broccoli which they have recently added to the menu, and it is a superbly delicious addition! It has the perfect taste of achaar with your favourite broccoli, you couldn’t ask for more.

Andamental Aachari Broccoli

The Drinks

For drinks, we had a Virgin Mojito which was very nice, minty, and refreshing. Their Oreo Shake was simply brilliant with the bits of Oreo in it and the perfect proportion of Oreos.

Andamental  Oreo Shake

Our Verdict

Overall, the place was great. The ambience was fine for a limited number of people with the cosy setting. They get 10 on 10 for the food, the service, the drinks, and also the location, which is right there as soon as you exit Azad Nagar metro station. And to top it all, the menu is reasonably prices, especially given their amazing recipes.

We loved the place, and would certainly go there again to hog on the things we couldn’t have this time for the lack of space in our stomachs. :) Visit Andamental and let us know how your experience with the mental anda was. Happy Hogging!

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