American Comfort Food That’s Both Organic & Lip Smackingly Delicious At The American Joint

Sneha Christuraj

This one’s a real gem. Right from good food, amazing ambience and impeccable service The American Joint delivers the best, and how!


After successfully establishing themselves at BKC The American Joint is now at Borivali, and they have managed to recreate the same magic at this outlet too.

 What’s so special?

What The American Joint prides on, is the fact that all of the produce used in their dishes is ‘Organic’. Fun fact: the veggies are specially brought down from organic farms in Pune and Nagpur EVERYDAY!


Another thing we would like to point out is that, even after a really big meal here we didn’t feel heavy and bogged down as people generally do after a heavy meal. I guess the organic veggies really had a hand at that.

The awesome ambience we keep talking about

The entire space is really cozy, warm and over-all a delight to look at.


There are interesting comic references across the walls with well placed lights that just bring the place alive.


And there’s good music to keep the great vibe going. And we even got a few awesome shots for our insta feeds!


The Food: Americana Style

One thing the joint definitely is very American about are the portion sizes. The portions at The American Joint are humongous! Small tip: Ask the hosts about the quantity before you order, because chances are, you won’t be able to finish it.  But that’s not all, the food is delicious too. Like, finger-licking good!  Here’s what we loved from the menu.

Garlic Cheese Bomb


Okay so the bombs are made of bread covered with gooey cheese, marinara and a tinge if chili for that zing.

Mountain O Nachos

2017-04-06 (1)

Mountain is what’s promised and a mountain is what you get. Oh and this mountain of nachos is topped with a generous amount of cheese, jalapenos & olives!

Mac N Tikka


So this one’s a signature dish at The American Joint &  a must try. The contrast of flavors between the desi tikka masala & creamy Mac n Cheese is a delight to your taste-buds!

House Organic Veggie Burger


Crispy spicy veggie patty sandwiched between fresh tomatoes & onion rings. Served with a side of fries and harissa aioli. One word. Yum!

Cheesy Fries


Well the name says it all. Good ol’ home-made fries smothered in cheese. (Definitely not for those who are watching their figure!)

Sweet Nothings

Onto the deserts now.

Dessert Waffles


Freshly made waffles served with a nutella spread and a dollop of whipped cream. You could also choose other toppings like oreo cookie crumble, just sugar or make even make it a brownie waffle base! Well, you mouth should be salivating right about….now.

Ferrero Nutella Mousse

2017-04-06 (2)

They literally took the two best things in the world and put it together in one hell of a desert! The Ferrero nutella mousse just melts in your mouth & leaves you foodgasming!

Thirst Quenchers

We had a long list of shakes and mocktails to choose from & finally we settled for these.

Watermelon Spritzer


Just simple watermelon juice with mint & a hint of lemon.  Very refreshing.

Ferrero Rocher Shake


This could easily double up as a desert in itself! Ferrero Rocher ice-cream with whip cream and a Ferrero Rocher crumble on top. Enough said I guess.

The Good

Awesome ambience, delicious food, great service. Oh, did I mention that they have a collection of comics that you can browse through while your order arrives?


It honestly cannot get any cooler than that.  And all this at a budget that won’t burn a hole in your pockets!

What we didn’t like

Just kidding, there was honestly nothing we could point out and complain about or didn’t like.

 All in all if you’re up to chill with your friends and family and enjoy some mouth-watering food that’s completely organic, The American Joint is your spot! Definitely worth a visit (or more I’d say!)





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