20 Times Madhuri Dixit Was So Gorgeous She Gave All Of Us A Dhak Dhak Moment


There are celebrities, there are actors, and then there are superstars. We’re glad that we have all that with us in one single package called Madhuri Dixit. There are just few actors who people from every generation like and admire, and Madhuri is one of those few. So without blabbering anymore, here we are with 20 photos of her that slit our hearts with beauty overflow.

When she stole our hearts as Chandramukhi.

When she stole our hearts as Chandramukhi.Source

Once again…

devdas once moreSource

And pulled it off well even while crying.

Even while crying

When this song came up and we all mugged it.

When this song came upSource

When she broke the mirror with her hair…

Broke the mirrorSource

When we all became her fans in one go with this one song.

First timeSource

When she was this innocent young girl in parinda.


When she told us “begum bagair baadshah kis kaam ka…”

ku ku ku kuSource

When she expressed everything with her eyes.


When she slayed our hearts with Dedh Ishqiya.

Dedh ishqiyaSource

When she made eye-rolling totally cute!

rolled her eyesSource

When she danced like a diva that she is in Aja Nach Le.

Aja nach leSource

When she winked at us and we fainted.


When this dupatta fell on her beautiful face.


She looked cute even while doing this random stuff.


Trust me, we would look so stupid doing this!

look stupidSource

When maaye ni maaye became the song of our lives.

Maye ni mayeSource

When her ghaagra became the breaking news.

Breaking newsSource

Even when she was angry she was cute!


When she stole our hearts looking like this!

didi tera devar deewanaSource

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