20 Dreams Of An Indian Girl That Turn Out To Be LOL Moments


So you’ve got a good, well-paid, satisfying job, a nice, peaceful life, a wonderful guy, and the world’s best parents. So you should be an overall happy person. But hey, wait, there’s something that still bothers you. And you don’t know what it is, because everything seems to be perfect. What else do you want?

And then you realize that you’re not just a girl, but an ‘Indian girl’. That girl who’s never completely satisfied, never fully happy with what she has got, because you know, being an Indian girl carries some extra baggage with it. But can it be changed? Well, I don’t think so…

So here are 20 almost impossible things that Indian girls dream of.

1. Going out in the sun and coming back the same colour of skin, not at all roasted.

2. Travelling with hair opened without ending up like this:

3. Getting married to a guy and not having to deal with the ‘SAAS’.

4. Getting all that importance and limelight for as long as a week, without having to face the hassle of wedding.

5. That day when you finally get a haircut that looks as pretty even after shampoo.

6. Having a Kajal that actually doesn’t smudge!

7. Being married and getting yummy food without having to cook.

8. Getting the perfect pink shade of lipstick.

9. Getting married and living in the parents’ house, with the guy.

10. Making everyone happy.

11. Getting the nail art right.

12. Meeting a guy who remains the same after marriage. If that happens, all we can say, is “Thank you for being yourself.”

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