18 Times Priyanka Chopra Slayed The Red Carpet With Her Impeccable Style & Oomph


Piggy Chops aka our very own Priyanka Chopra is known for her daring red carpet looks. She hasn’t only slayed the Indian red carpet, but has also taken the international green/red carpets by storm. Right from her cool twirls to her vodka shots, she certainly knows how to make her mark. So, without much ado, here are some of Priyanka’s coolest and sexiest red carpet looks that left our hearts racing.

This, by far has been her most daring and breathtaking outfit.

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Pretty in pink.

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Black never looked so mesmerizing.

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Owning the GQ red carpet.

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Everytime I feel that maybe she can’t look any more gorgeous, this girl surprises me by looking even more dashing than before.

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Classy is what this girl ozzes.

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Fresh as a daisy!

IMG 8Source

The twirl queen rocking the Emmys’

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This girl burnt the green carpet with this golden dress on the Golden Globes.

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She was complimented a lot for this off white Oscar avatar of hers. #Chic!

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She looked like a beach goddess in this blue dress.

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She is shining more than her glossy sequined dress for sure. You go girl!

IMG 13Source

Twirl in peach girl!

IMG 14Source

Bold and beautiful!

IMG 15Source

Our lil miss white riding hood!

IMG 16Source

Only Priyanka could’ve pulled off this color.

IMG 17Source

Didn’t this futuristic piece stole your heart?

IMG 18Source

You totally slay it babe.

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