17 Typical Indian Families We All Come Across


If you’re an Indian, you must know what I’m talking about. And must have even thought about that one family that irritates you, or is close to you, or the one that your family is! You’ll find an interestingly big number of types of Indian families if you start observing, and that’s what I did.

So here are 17 typical categories all Indian families would fall into.

1. The super loud one

They’ll be ready to shout, dance, sing, and talk aloud at all times. If you’re someone who likes silence, you better not visit them too much.


2. The over disciplined one

They will have fixed times for all meals, you will never find them talking to loud, laughing too much, or coming late for the meals. And you better prepare yourself for this kind of an environment before visiting them.

over disciplined-compressedSource

3. The one that is always super happy

You will see a smile on everyone’s face all the time, without fail. They’re so happy sometimes you’ll feel you’re the one who smiles less. :D

super happy family-compressed

4. The one that loves guests

This is that family who’s just waiting for guests. All you need to do is just ring their doorbell, and they’ll be all ready to welcome you, with all kinds of things to eat on the table, and probably a guest room ready for you.

waiting for guestsSource

5. The super duper Sanskari family

Enter their house and you will find children coming one by one from behind the curtain to touch your feet, or say “Namaste Uncle”. They have a morning and evening pooja together. The whole family could be hired as a daily soap crew without a doubt.

super sanskariSource

6. The one that always keeps fighting

Be it over the TV channel, who will read the newspaper first, or what should the AC’s temperature be, they know how to turn any little thing into an argument. And they won’t care if you’re sitting there listening to their arguments.

fighting family-compressedSource

7. The travellers

As soon as it is weekend, you’ll see them packing their bags and going to some resort, some park, or just a little picnic spot. This is that family who doesn’t believe in wasting their Sundays relaxing on the couch.

travelling familySource

8. The filthy rich family

They have a big mansion, a dining table that can accommodate a hundred people, lots of cars, and oodles of attitude. You want to puke when they’re around you, breathing of being rich.

filthy rich-compressedSource

9. The misers

They will find a hundred reasons to save money when it comes to spending. If you’re a family who’s friends with this family, you’re going to have to spend a lot every time you go out with them.


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